How to look after your shoes


When you indulge in women footwear online shopping, you say to yourself that you will care for the footwear to keep it looking new as ever. But as you get busy in your routine tasks,you forget to keep up with this commitment of yours, and your shoes end up looking worn out before time. With the daily wear and tear shoes go through, it’s no wonder that their life seems short. But with proper footwear care regimes you can make them last long.

Poorly maintained shoes can start to smell, look dirty and feel uncomfortable to wear. Different shoe materials require different methods of care, so when you do women footwear shopping online, make sure to check the material of the shoe. You can also check the footwear care instructions when you do women footwear online shopping. Leather and suede shoes share a common care regimen, with a few slight differences. While for cloth shoes, you can use a mild detergent mixture in a cloth to wipe the inside and the outside.When you buy women footwear online in India, it is a good idea to read the product description carefully to ensure that you know what’s right for your shoes.

Here, are few quick and easy-to-do routine tips to keep your shoe looking fresh and in tip-top shape.


  • Save them from water

While you do women casual footwear shopping online and get your new footwear pair, ensure to save it from water. Whatever be the material of the shoe always use a water protector, so that water won’t be able to have any effect on your shoes. Spray your boots with a water protector once a week.Before using a spray, check if there are any specific shoe care instructions for your shoe.

  • Keep them in Shape

Use shoe trees to prevent shoe from curling or cracking. To help maintain the shape of your shoes, invest in shoe trees or you can also stuff them with paper.

  • Polish

Polish your shoes regularly to keep them looking their best. If you do not polish your shoes regularly they can start to look dull and worn out. Polishing and conditioning helps the color from fading. Leather shoes can dry out quick, so it is good to use a conditioner to make them soft and supple.

  • Store well

Store your shoes away from dust in your shoe rack or closet. The best way to protect shoes from dust is to store them in shoe bags. Also keep your shoes at room temperature. A hot area or a damp one can be very damaging for a shoe.

  • Switch shoes

Even a shoe needs an off day! Slipping your favorite shoe can be very tempting owing to the comfort it offers, but it is not recommended to wear the same pair of shoes for more than a couple of days at a stretch.

It is highly recommended that you clean your shoes on a regular basis. When you are home it is best to take a clean cloth and wipe down your footwear to remove any dust or dirt that has stuck to it. Also, it is a must to ensure that the cleaning method will depend upon the shoe’s material.


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