4 Footwear that looks great with a white shirt

A white shirt is an all time classic. Who doesn’t love a white shirt? They’re simple, elegant and sophisticated. Versatile and easily wearable, these are ideal for any occasion. However, sometimes a white shirt can get a little boring. Here are suggestions to spice it up with some ‘not so monotonous’ footwear.

  1. All White Everything

Wear a white shirt with white Stilettos. I don’t care what anyone says, they’re absolutely stunning. While  Women Footwear Online Shopping you will notice a wide range of white stilettos you can choose from. Why just stilettos? For work or places where you might have more footwork involved you can choose from white platforms or wedges. Pair this all white ensemble with a neon overcoat or a blazer to form a perfectly color blocked outfit.



2. Beige/ Black Stilettos

Beige and White and Black and white are a match made in even. Footwear for women Online gives you plenty of options in all colors. You will find many options even in just the black or beige aisle. Planeteves gives you brands like Carlton London and Clarks FOR HALF OFF. Black and beige stilettos can never go wrong with a white shirt irrespective of what you’re wearing as bottoms.


3. Match with an accessory.

Women Footwear Shopping Online is a breeze when you know exactly what you’re looking for. Ranging from the styles to colors there is not one kind footwear you can’t find online. The ideal way to pair your white shirt with you footwear would be to match it with an accessory like a belt or earrings and then match your footwear with that accessory.

4. Cheetah Prints

When you’re wearing white subtly (like in the case of all white everything ) you can afford to accommodate  cheetah prints in your attire. The best way to do that is by wearing your cheetah prints in your footwear. You can balance out the serenity of the white with the sass of the cheetah prints. It’s a divine, must try combination.


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