No Shave November!

No Shave November is here! And what does that mean? That’s right! NO SHAVING.
There is a misconception that no shave November is only for men, so they don’t shave and can grow their beards. That’s only however, a part of the movement. #NoShaveNovember was started to raise awareness for cancer. The idea was to be grateful for our hair which most cancer patients lose during treatment.  As a result the money we save from shaving would be given out to charity, for education about cancer prevention. However, No shave November isn’t solely for men to embrace their beards. It was essentially a unisexual movement and should stay as that. During the Renaissance body hair was equated with being strong and “masculine”. Hence, women were asked to shave. This November let us embrace our hair and cherish them too and let it be known that we are not here to submit to societal standards of beauty. Anyone who doesn’t want to shave her hair shouldn’t have to. And women shouldn’t not be equated with strength and ruggedness.

Here are a few products that will help in hair growth, strengthening and accessorizing.  All of these beauty products for women can be found on

1.  L’Oreal Paris Hair Total Repair 5 Masque

Hair is mainly composed of proteins. When damaged, hair loses its protein content and becomes weak, this total repair formula, a blend with soy milk and almonds known for their rich protein content, intensely repairs and restores damaged hair. Hair feels incredibly soft with every wash. It is a five in one solution to most of your hair needs. While beauty products shopping online this is a must have item.

2. Blushing Orange Shampoo- H2O

Who doesn’t love a shampoo that’s easy on your hair and leaves them feelings cleansed yet untangled? I personally find most shampoos leave my hair feeling dry and damaged by the end unless I apply conditioner- which only means more product on my hair. This shampoo however, is different. And if it works on hair as sensitive and easily damaged as mine, I’m sure it’ll work only for the better for everyone else’s hair too. It is deeply hydrating- as the pack promises and feels very light. It leaves a lovely citrus scent and feels healthier for my hair than most other products in the market.

3. VLCC Nourishing and Silky Shine Shampoo

If there is one product you just can’t ignore while women beauty products shopping – this is it. One of my absolute favorites, not only does this give your hair a stunning shine, it leaves them feeling thick, healthy and manageable. The shampoo deeply nourishes your and works wonders within a few a applications. In my case, I find the product so good I sometimes,again don’t use a conditioner with the shampoo because I don’t feel the need. It is solely good enough for my hair to leave it smooth, silky and manageable. It is the product to maintain your hair and keep them healthy.

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