6 Things Which Are a Big NO in Monsoon


Monsoon brings along random earthy scents (petichor), a lot of coffee, books, romance and also love. Well, that’s not all. Monsoon also brings splashes of mud water and irritating puddles which shout out loudly, ‘if you can, then save whatever you are wearing’. We can understand what girls go through during monsoon as rainy days can be really difficult to cope up with, thus to help them stay safe and enjoy monsoon, here we bring forth a list of 6 things which they must avoid wearing during the rainy day.

Keep Whites Out Of Sights!

For a month and half, revive your wardrobe and take out all the whites from it. Not only can the whites become translucent easily in case you get wet, but it can catch dirt spills too. The smarter decision is to stay away from white and enjoy monsoon carefree. In case, your wardrobe is full of whites and you are left with no good options, then make a women clothing store in India your confidante.

Dump the Denims!

Even if your love for denims is immortal, we would suggest you to part ways (albeit temporarily) with it.  The only reason to ditch denims during monsoon is that they can be super uncomfortable when they get wet, as they take a lifetime to dry. It can give you rashes or skin infections too. Thus it’s better you give a rest to your favorite denim and do some women clothes online shopping to buy some lighter fabrics which get dry quickly and keep you fresh all day.

No Luxurious Leather!

If you do not want to spoil your precious leather accessories, then pack them properly to protect them from moisture. All your leather bags, shoes or accessories can swell up or loosen their shape, if they get wet. So if you want that your favorite leather stays with you for a lifetime, avoid wearing them during rainy season.

Keep Tights Aside!

If your wardrobe is full of tight clothes, then too you would have to do some women dresses shopping in India because monsoons and tights do not get along well. If tight clothes get wet, they stick to body even more. This not just makes you uncomfortable but also increases the chances of you catching a cold.

Put Silver Elsewhere!

Like your leather accessories, silver also needs protection during rainy days. Silver when comes in contact with rain water tends to oxidize and turns black. Well, since everyone knows precaution is better than cure, you have to take precaution for your metals than finding cures later.

Canvs Shoes Can Be a Fuss!

For obvious reasons, if you wear canvas shoes during monsoons, you will have to bear with wet and soggy feet for the whole day. Needless to say how irritating as well as a health-foe this can be, we would suggest you to stay away from your canvas shoes for a while and let them breathe too.

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What Should You Wear to Work?

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Though, the work culture may vary from state to state and firm to firm, the attires that seem acceptable as formal wear is more or less the same everywhere with a bit of modifications. It is thus easier to understand … Continue reading

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Footwear that go well with Knee-High Skirts


When wearing skirts, finding the apt footwear becomes a challenge for most of us. Most of the ladies don’t wear skirts just for the reason that they cannot find what shoes to wear along with them. Don’t let shoes stop you from wearing skirts! Knee-high skirt, flared, pencil, tube, or whatever your choice of skirt-style be, flaunt it for skirts are the most trending in the summer season. But, it is very important to get the look right, so that you step out in style and don’t end up looking dull.

Skirts are a piece of clothing that accentuates your feminine aura and charm. You can wear a skirt to office, party, date, or probably any other outing. Still, you need to know the basics of wearing a skirt, the accessories and especially the footwear you wear with it so that you get the trendiest look. To have great combinations, you must pair your skirt with the right kind of footwear. You really need to know what shoes you should wear with your favorite skirt. To help you find the perfect pair for your skirt, we present the best footwear options to make you sizzle in style!

Flat or Heeled Sandals

Whenever in doubt, wear sandals. Sandals, platform, heeled, cage heeled, peep-toe, wedged or whatever, are universal footwear pieces that go well with just about any kind of combination or style. The very first option that you can consider when wearing a skirt is sandals.



When wearing a skirt, you can never go wrong teaming it with pumps. Pumps are the easiest footwear option to pair with knee-length skirts. Women footwear shopping online is the best way to choose your favorite style from, whether it be low heeled, high heeled, wedged or platform pumps.



Espadrilles give a chic look and add to the style of a skirt. Espadrilles come in a range of designs and styles, so select the one which complements your style. You can also go for espadrilles with heels.



Tall, high heeled, wedged, ankle-length or platform boots, work well with skirts. When wearing a skirt that stays right around your knee, you can go for an ankle boot to flatter your legs, completing the nonchalant look.


Flip Flops 

Skirts are best worn in summers and matching them with another summer thing, the flip flop, gives you a rather trendy summer-ready look. Team up your skirt with a flip flop, and look hot and smart this season. Do Top branded footwear shopping online and pick some stylish and designer flip flops with attractive color combinations.


If you love wearing skirts, just wear them. Don’t let shoes come in the way! Women shopping online is a great way to buy good quality shoes from the convenience of your home! While spending money on good quality shoes, remember that style and comfort need to go hand in hand. All you need to do is find your one-stop online shop for doing top branded Casual footwear shopping online, at prices that delight!



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How to match your shoes with your Outfit


We all go through the confusion of finding the right footwear while getting dressed for office or any outing. Usually, the trickiest task is finding the perfect color of footwear that will go with the dress. Having an outfit but not wearing the right accessories with it, spoils the entire look of the dress. The best way to escape this confusion is to go with the common black, brown, nude, gold or silver colors, but these basic colors sometimes get too boring, fading away the whole look of the outfit.

We often spend a lot of time-fighting the dilemma of which footwear will look good with the outfit we are planning to wear for a certain occasion. Frankly speaking, there is no fashion book which you can consult for finding the perfect pair of footwear that teams up well with your dress. However, your own style mantra and a few simple tips can help you pair up in a stylish way! When doing women casual footwear shopping online, keep your dress with you so you can find the best footwear match for your dress. You can buy women footwear online in India at Planeteves.com and explore the stylish footwear collection from the comforts of your sweet home.

If finding a match between your footwear and dress is making you go head over your heels, don’t fret! Here are a few simple tips which will help you to step out in style!

Tip #1 – Stay plain, Stay nude!


Nude or basic color is the best bet whenever you are finding it hard to decide on the color of your footwear. You can pair your beautiful printed frock or shift dress with a nude or tan heel or go for a hint of metallic touch, depending upon the occasion you are wearing it to. You can also wear the usual brown or black, whenever in doubt.

Tip #2 – Avoid color matching!

Buying footwear that is exactly in the same color as your dress was a fashion trend of the past. The same color from head to toe may leave you looking plain and boring. Instead, try something creative and do not go for an exact match.


Tip #3 – Choose a color from your dress

When wearing a multicolor outfit, choose any color from your dress for the footwear you want to buy. Take your dress with you and match the different options to find the best pair.  Women casual footwear shopping online is the best thing to do in this case, as you can match you dress with the photos available online.


Tip #4 – Go for different shades

Like to wear a dress and footwear of the same color? Then you can try this one. Wearing footwear of a different color shade to that of the dress can sometimes add a fresh look to the outfit. Mix and match the shades and hues of color to find the perfect pairing.

Tip #5 – Try contrasting colors

Love playing with colors? If it’s a yes, then this tip is for you lovely lady! Contrast colors are total opposites of one another and can make you look stunning! Become a head turner and shop for some contrasts this season.



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4 Things to Look For While Buying a Pair of Bridal Footwear.


A would-be bride loves to read every given material on how to buy a wedding lehenga or how to choose the perfect jewelry, but one thing that most of the would-be brides forget to research upon is choosing the right pair of wedding shoes. To choose wedding footwear is a big deal, and if you don’t want anything to go wrong, here is the guide that would tell you what to look at when you buy online women footwear for your wedding.

Here are the 4 things to consider to ensure that you pick the best ever pair for your wedding day while doing women footwear shopping online.

  • Give priority to comfort


A pair of footwear that looks absolutely fab but has a slightly uncomfortable fit is a strict no-no. No matter whether you pick it from a physical store or  online women footwear shopping, you have to wear the selected pair for at least a few minutes and take a walk inside the store or home (when it gets delivered to you). Check if your feet have space to breathe or are they sweating; check for insoles cushions for it must feel soft on the foot. Even if you feel slight discomfort, that shoe is not the right pick for your wedding day.


  • Say no to a size big or a size small

If all your life you did not mind buying a shoe in a size big or small, then your wedding day is the time to change that attitude. While you buy your wedding pair, make sure that your toes do not squeeze or the feet do not come out while you walk in it. No matter how beautiful they look and how lovely you found them when you saw them for the first time, if they don’t fit you, they are not meant for you.


  • How high is the right high?

A gorgeous 5 inches high heel goes perfect for cocktail parties but not for wedding day, not even when your groom is way taller than you. You will need to stand for long hours and picture pose for beautiful memories and not to forget carry a super heavy lehenga. Keeping that in mind, do not exhaust yourself, because a lot more fun awaits you and your energy for after wedding ceremonies.  Choose the inches that you can comfortably handle, and trust us, it is ok to look an inch shorter instead of standing with shaking legs.


  • Prefer quality over everything

While you do women footwear shopping online, do not mind paying  few extra grand for the better quality of footwear. Invest in footwear that has a cushioned insole, and non-slippery outsole. Ideal footwear has seamless stitching that is further protected with wax-coating to prevent thread from breaking. And above all, a good quality shoe assures comfort along with style.


So, when you sit for shopping women formal footwear online or visit an offline store, do not forget these aspects to have a happy shopping experience.

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Why say yes to online shopping for Beauty Products?


Times are changing, and so are beauty trends and resources, which can make it hard to stay abreast. Being a woman in the 21st century is much more challenging than what it used to be. As a woman,we must be able to manage our busy schedule along with maintaining a sound social life and finding time for our family. Sometimes we may not even find enough time for self-care, let alone skin-care.

Nevertheless, the changing times have also brought us the internet that has made our lives a thousand times easier. Women beauty products shopping online has become simple and quick, and thanks to its emergence,your skin care routine does not have to take a back seat.So, why say yes to shopping cosmetics and creams online? Here we bring you reasons why you should buy beauty products online:


You won’t disagree on the fact that buying your beauty essentials from the comfort of your home or even your car is very convenient. You can buy beauty products online in the middle of the night, on the metro station or anytime when no physical store is available. You will have to go nowhere in search for the products you need, and the best part- just a few taps and they will be delivered right to you.


There are umpteen online stores that sell beauty products and the increasing competition has made it evident that all of them will have discounts and offers of some kind on their product range. You can always find price combinations that suit you,and you’ll come to see that the products will surely be cheaper than the price available in the market. So, you save on your money too!


Buying cosmetics from a store means traveling from one to the other till you find the right product as you may not find many options at a single store. Storing a large number of physical products in a single place is not very practical in case of physical shops. Whereas, the multitude of online cosmetic stores ensure that you never run out of options both in terms of product and price.


You get very little product information through product labels or store attendants who of course,won’t have detailed product wise information.While in case of women beauty products shopping online, you get detailed product descriptions.In addition, you will also be able to access customer reviews and forums at the same platform, making your purchases so much more well-researched.



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There’s nothing like adding a little sparkle to your room


Only a handful of us are born with that creative streak which allows us to have plenty of decorating or designing ideas. For many others, it is about experimenting and gaining experience to learn the skill over time. And then there are the rest of us, who do not find acceptance to any of the above two categories. Even if you are devoid of home décor ideas, shopping for the right Home Furnishings Products Online can negate that limitation significantly.

 They say that “everything begins with an idea”, but sometimes ideas are impossible to hunt for. Don’t tire yourself thinking about ways to decorate your home sweet home; instead, go online and opt for Home Furnishings Products Shopping Online. Online portals display home furnishing products in a thoughtful way which gives inspiring ideas to the shopper. Buy Online Home Furnishings Products in India from Planeteves.com and find delightful ideas for decorating your home.

A cute cushion, a colorful linen, or even a little wall sticker can make a huge difference to your home. A few basic decorating techniques can go a long way. Here are some decorating ideas for creating a beautiful home, which are simple yet creative enough to make your home look more presentable.

Mix & match

Try experimenting with different colors, shades and patterns of your bedding. Whatever be your mood, flaunt it out with colors. You can mix and match the colors of bed linen, curtains, cushions, carpets and try out combinations of subtle shades or bright eye-catching colors.

Add life to your bathroom

You can also play with colors and prints in your bathroom decor. Try out different color schemes by adding colorful towels to towel hanging units. Go beyond the basic towel hangers and try out a more decorative shelf-and-hook combo.

Dress up the hallway with rugs & carpets

Rugs and carpets can be a great makeover for a plain, simple-looking hallway. Hunt for attractive patterns and colorful designer carpets and rugs to transform your boring hallway into a decorated space.

Make a statement with your tablecloth

Plain and simple is good but not always. Go beyond the routine and add spice to your meals through the tablecloth. A colorful and beautifully designed tablecloth can add tons of personality to your dining table.

Decorating ideas don’t get easier than this. And you thought decorating your home was not your cup of tea! These simple yet awesome decorating tips can work wonders for your home and you’ll just love the new look. Shop for Home Furnishings Products online, and start experimenting now!


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