Women Branded Footwear Shopping Online – Planeteves.com

Women Branded Footwear Shopping  Online – Planeteves.com

Gianvito Rossi bootie boots
68,420 INR – mytheresa.com

Black shoes
68,630 INR – casadei.com

Schutz leather shoes
8,170 INR – bergdorfgoodman.com

Summer shoes
5,260 INR – dunelondon.com

Converse wide width shoes
2,610 INR – amazon.com

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Women Dresses Shopping Online – Planeteves.com

Women Dresses Shopping Online - Planeteves.com

Giambattista Valli silk blouse
8,730 HKD – modaoperandi.com

Wrap top
1,280 HKD – shahidaparides.com

Chico s stripe top
1,080 HKD – chicos.com

Acne Studios grey t shirt
995 HKD – bagheeraboutique.com

Bustier crop top
97 HKD – amazon.com

Patterned top

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No Shave November!

No Shave November is here! And what does that mean? That’s right! NO SHAVING.
There is a misconception that no shave November is only for men, so they don’t shave and can grow their beards. That’s only however, a part of the movement. #NoShaveNovember was started to raise awareness for cancer. The idea was to be grateful for our hair which most cancer patients lose during treatment.  As a result the money we save from shaving would be given out to charity, for education about cancer prevention. However, No shave November isn’t solely for men to embrace their beards. It was essentially a unisexual movement and should stay as that. During the Renaissance body hair was equated with being strong and “masculine”. Hence, women were asked to shave. This November let us embrace our hair and cherish them too and let it be known that we are not here to submit to societal standards of beauty. Anyone who doesn’t want to shave her hair shouldn’t have to. And women shouldn’t not be equated with strength and ruggedness.

Here are a few products that will help in hair growth, strengthening and accessorizing.  All of these beauty products for women can be found on Planeteves.com.

1.  L’Oreal Paris Hair Total Repair 5 Masque

Hair is mainly composed of proteins. When damaged, hair loses its protein content and becomes weak, this total repair formula, a blend with soy milk and almonds known for their rich protein content, intensely repairs and restores damaged hair. Hair feels incredibly soft with every wash. It is a five in one solution to most of your hair needs. While beauty products shopping online this is a must have item.

2. Blushing Orange Shampoo- H2O

Who doesn’t love a shampoo that’s easy on your hair and leaves them feelings cleansed yet untangled? I personally find most shampoos leave my hair feeling dry and damaged by the end unless I apply conditioner- which only means more product on my hair. This shampoo however, is different. And if it works on hair as sensitive and easily damaged as mine, I’m sure it’ll work only for the better for everyone else’s hair too. It is deeply hydrating- as the pack promises and feels very light. It leaves a lovely citrus scent and feels healthier for my hair than most other products in the market.

3. VLCC Nourishing and Silky Shine Shampoo

If there is one product you just can’t ignore while women beauty products shopping – this is it. One of my absolute favorites, not only does this give your hair a stunning shine, it leaves them feeling thick, healthy and manageable. The shampoo deeply nourishes your and works wonders within a few a applications. In my case, I find the product so good I sometimes,again don’t use a conditioner with the shampoo because I don’t feel the need. It is solely good enough for my hair to leave it smooth, silky and manageable. It is the product to maintain your hair and keep them healthy.

If you like what you read, don’t forget to comment on the section below and let us know what you have to say. You know we love hearing from you!




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4 Footwear that looks great with a white shirt

A white shirt is an all time classic. Who doesn’t love a white shirt? They’re simple, elegant and sophisticated. Versatile and easily wearable, these are ideal for any occasion. However, sometimes a white shirt can get a little boring. Here are suggestions to spice it up with some ‘not so monotonous’ footwear.

  1. All White Everything

Wear a white shirt with white Stilettos. I don’t care what anyone says, they’re absolutely stunning. While  Women Footwear Online Shopping you will notice a wide range of white stilettos you can choose from. Why just stilettos? For work or places where you might have more footwork involved you can choose from white platforms or wedges. Pair this all white ensemble with a neon overcoat or a blazer to form a perfectly color blocked outfit.



2. Beige/ Black Stilettos

Beige and White and Black and white are a match made in even. Footwear for women Online gives you plenty of options in all colors. You will find many options even in just the black or beige aisle. Planeteves gives you brands like Carlton London and Clarks FOR HALF OFF. Black and beige stilettos can never go wrong with a white shirt irrespective of what you’re wearing as bottoms.


3. Match with an accessory.

Women Footwear Shopping Online is a breeze when you know exactly what you’re looking for. Ranging from the styles to colors there is not one kind footwear you can’t find online. The ideal way to pair your white shirt with you footwear would be to match it with an accessory like a belt or earrings and then match your footwear with that accessory.

4. Cheetah Prints

When you’re wearing white subtly (like in the case of all white everything ) you can afford to accommodate  cheetah prints in your attire. The best way to do that is by wearing your cheetah prints in your footwear. You can balance out the serenity of the white with the sass of the cheetah prints. It’s a divine, must try combination.

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How to care for your bags

You carry it with you wherever you go!On your shoulder or on your arm or in your hands, wherever its place might be, a handbag is for sure a woman’s best friend.Women carry the world with them in their handbag, from makeup essentials to cash, mobile and what not! handbags for women are like an everyday essential they cannot do without.

When it comes to women handbags shopping online, we get carried away by the variety and styles and end up splurging on them. However close-to-heart your handbag maybe, you tend to forget caring for it. The result of which can be seen on the handbags as worn-out corners, blotches and rain-damaged exteriors.Then you recollect that how great the handbag looked when you bought it from one of those women handbags shopping online sites.


Doesn’t matter the price which you bought your handbag for, all that matters is that it is a part of your unique handbag collection and you would want to keep it in top condition! Do not worry; a few simple everyday care tips can help you keep your bags looking great for years.

Follow these simple tips to keep your handbags looking like you just bought them!

  • Your bag does not love being on the floor!

Don’t tell me you’ve been keeping you handbags on the floor even though there is a whole world of unhealthy stuff on the floor!How can you be so mean with your precious handbag? Always try to keep your handbag on your lap or on an adjoiningseatbut never on the floor.

  • Your handbag likes to have a place of its own!

Do your handbags end their day on your living room table or are stuffed to fit into your closet? Storing your handbags well is important. Bad storage can lead to de shaping or bruising of the corners of the bag.Handbags will last longer if stored in an upright position in dust bags or a cotton cover. Also remember not to store your handbag in a damp place as moisture can wreak hell on it.

  • No over-cleaning please!

Whenever you do women accessories shopping online,ensure to check the cleaning tips of the product. This helps you to get an idea about how much care your handbag needs. Also make sure not to over clean your handbag or use harsh cleaning agents. A simple wipe after each use can be enough to remove the dust or stains on your handbag.

  • Every handbag is different!

When your check out the handbags for women ensure to find out what type of material your handbag is made of because different materials require different care. If you have leather then you might want to have leather cleaner, and conditioner to keep your bag clean and looking like new.

  • Swapping handbags is good!

Swapping your handbagsis also a wonderful way to keep your handbags look good. Everyday use of one bag can make it more worn out so try to rotate your bags regularly.

  • Even your handbag does not like to be overstuffed!

Keep your things in an organized manner and do not overstuff it. Keep your cosmetics and clips in pouches, liquid cosmetics properly capped and other similar items securely to keep the lining clean. Remember not to overstuff your handbag as it can affect its shape.

When you invest in a stylish handbag you would want it to last long. Ensure to follow the care instructions that come with your bag and also follow these steps to make them looking the same!

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How to look after your shoes


When you indulge in women footwear online shopping, you say to yourself that you will care for the footwear to keep it looking new as ever. But as you get busy in your routine tasks,you forget to keep up with this commitment of yours, and your shoes end up looking worn out before time. With the daily wear and tear shoes go through, it’s no wonder that their life seems short. But with proper footwear care regimes you can make them last long.

Poorly maintained shoes can start to smell, look dirty and feel uncomfortable to wear. Different shoe materials require different methods of care, so when you do women footwear shopping online, make sure to check the material of the shoe. You can also check the footwear care instructions when you do women footwear online shopping. Leather and suede shoes share a common care regimen, with a few slight differences. While for cloth shoes, you can use a mild detergent mixture in a cloth to wipe the inside and the outside.When you buy women footwear online in India, it is a good idea to read the product description carefully to ensure that you know what’s right for your shoes.

Here, are few quick and easy-to-do routine tips to keep your shoe looking fresh and in tip-top shape.


  • Save them from water

While you do women casual footwear shopping online and get your new footwear pair, ensure to save it from water. Whatever be the material of the shoe always use a water protector, so that water won’t be able to have any effect on your shoes. Spray your boots with a water protector once a week.Before using a spray, check if there are any specific shoe care instructions for your shoe.

  • Keep them in Shape

Use shoe trees to prevent shoe from curling or cracking. To help maintain the shape of your shoes, invest in shoe trees or you can also stuff them with paper.

  • Polish

Polish your shoes regularly to keep them looking their best. If you do not polish your shoes regularly they can start to look dull and worn out. Polishing and conditioning helps the color from fading. Leather shoes can dry out quick, so it is good to use a conditioner to make them soft and supple.

  • Store well

Store your shoes away from dust in your shoe rack or closet. The best way to protect shoes from dust is to store them in shoe bags. Also keep your shoes at room temperature. A hot area or a damp one can be very damaging for a shoe.

  • Switch shoes

Even a shoe needs an off day! Slipping your favorite shoe can be very tempting owing to the comfort it offers, but it is not recommended to wear the same pair of shoes for more than a couple of days at a stretch.

It is highly recommended that you clean your shoes on a regular basis. When you are home it is best to take a clean cloth and wipe down your footwear to remove any dust or dirt that has stuck to it. Also, it is a must to ensure that the cleaning method will depend upon the shoe’s material.

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Choosing the Right Lingerie for Yourself


Wearing the right lingerie can actually boost your confidence and make you look gorgeous. But the fact is that most women unknowingly choose the wrong sizes and shapes for themselves. Lingerie usually includes a range of intimate wears such as camisole, bra, corsets, panties, nightwear, loungewear, robes etc. Going to bed after a long tiring day at office in an uncomfortable garment, is naturally not what you would want. Therefore, when you plan to do lingerie shopping online, do look for comfortable nightwear but you also need to be in the clear about how you can make them look amazing on you. A beautiful pair of lingerie will be great for lifting your mood. For that, you will need to know what night-suit or lingerie will look best on you, depending majorly on your body type.

One can consider shopping nightwear online in India as there are so many online eye-catching designs, varieties of stuff and discounts available on online stores. Helping you solve the confusion, below are a few tips on how to choose the right lingerie for you.

  • No matter what, get a bra that fits you properly. You can measure the size that’ll fit you at home or you can visit a lingerie store near you for measuring. Follow these quick steps to find out your bra size –
  1. Measure directly under the bust and across your ribcage, keeping your measuring tape straight around the back to front. If you get an odd number, round it up to the next even number to get your band size.
  2. Measureloosely around the center-most part of your bust with the tape straight across and around your back to get the bust measurement.
  3. Subtract theband measurement (in Step1) from the bust measurement (in Step2). The difference calculates your bra cup size. For example a difference of 1” means size A, 2” means size B and so on.
  4. Therefore, if your band size was 34, and cup size came out to be 2”, then you shall go for a 34B sized bra.
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